January 5 2022

The Magic of Suits

What is it about the suit that has led it to survive this long? We once rummaged through a costume basket for outfits that could transport us to a fantasy world. Now, we build a life that in many ways, was once our fantasy.  There is something magical about the suit jacket that we cloak ourselves with before an important meeting.  A simple suit jacket, our costume, that draws out of us our best version of ourselves - vivacious, empowered and magnetic. 

The suit’s power lives in its history, the design and the freedom it provides us. Modern designers - Chanel, Dior - edited the suit to amplify beauty and femininity. It no longer purely smoothes and abstracts the body to that of a greek statue - perhaps the suit’s original intention. Today, it can magically harness the wearer’s strengths, cloaking her with a power she has already earned. 

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The hours of detailing and the quality of each component of the suit jacket is itself a reflection of the personality of the wearer. Each component is carefully hand selected to create the impeccably tailored garment, in the same way its owner hand picks the perfect ingredients that make her life extraordinary. The combination of structure and ease. Firmness and flex. The hours of craftsmanship mirrors the hard work of the wearer. Someone who devotes extra time behind the scenes to improve her own craft: her confidence, her connections and her contentedness.  

A true formula for freedom. A freedom that lies in the removal of a daily task - a daily decision - “what to wear?”. To choose a suit, is choosing a formula to reduce that precious mental energy each morning deciding what to wear. A decision that lies in your rituals. Rituals that create an extraordinary life, where one effortlessly finds time and space for moments of joy. 

Eupheme’s edit of the suit is to glorify softness. The softness of our bodies that should be celebrated. The softness and ease of life when we flow with the current. The idea that we can also bring softness into situations that require the opposite.  With softness, comes freedom, the freedom to play and be led by purpose.

Tailored knit wrap blazer in Milano (Navy)
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