Our Philosophy

We believe in the interconnectedness of all things. Ourselves with the environment, the people around us and ourselves.

We see everything we create as an opportunity to reimagine how to best achieve our signature balance between elegance and effortlessness. To create at the intersection of beauty, functionality and responsibility. We believe in stretch and softness to give us the freedom to move, grow and change to support our daily journey.

Time is the only true gift we give to ourselves. We design with the intention to reduce time spent on washing, dry cleaning and ironing: an effort to increase the moments of joy in each day. We also believe that with time and freedom we allow ourselves to step into our most confident self; enhanced by our garments that can drape us with strength and magnetism.

The name Eupheme is a nod to our belief in our interconnectedness: that we continue to buoy those around us as we enjoy the feeling of connection and to feel content in our own and others' contentedness.

eυφήμη . euphêmê . "you-femme" the ancient greek female spirit who cheers for other women. conjuring up sisterhood wherever she flows.