Eupheme: the journey home

To journey. To set sail on remote and exotic adventures where we feel time escape us until it disappears entirely. Then, after some time has drifted, we long to be home.

To return to the simplicity of our daily rituals that create space for us to grow and challenge ourselves in new ways. To cultivate a purpose-led life that brings us vitality and connection. And to be content in the best version of ourselves, where we find pockets of space in the day to breathe, to move, and to be. 

In 2022, Eupheme embarked on the quest to reimagine workwear for the purpose-led woman. Alongside that quest has been an unwavering fidelity to a garment’s potential sustainability. It has been a journey that has led us to uncover some of the world's greatest artisans and craftspeople - right here at home.   

It is here, home, where our rituals combine to make an extraordinary life, striving to buoy up those around us, and where one can marvellously find time and space for moments of joy. 

Ebony and Ashlee Booth

Co-founders of Eupheme

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