Creativity, community, change

We create with an unwavering fidelity to a garment’s potential sustainability. We believe a creator’s responsibility for this outcome as table stakes. This process is a journey and one that we do not deem as special: it is essential. 

Responsible design and production is a complex spectrum. From fabric selection to carbon neutral delivery, our potential for impact will grow as innovation continues to bolster this industry. 

We are on a journey to continue to create at the intersection of functionality, responsibility and beauty. A place that requires more thought than ever before. As we work towards an end-state goal of B Corp Certification, we are committed to being the most responsible version of ourselves.

We stand on three core values that support our decision-making process:



We are committed to sourcing the highest quality, most innovative fabrics that are kind to us and our environment



We are committed to building strong, values based, long-term relationships with all partners in our supply chain 



We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and championing new ways we can be the most responsible version of ourselves 

Today, it is often seen as marketing to tout something as sustainable. In time, this will be a thing of the past. Everything innovated and produced will require this quality. It becomes an essential component to design. This must be deemed as a given component of our work.